Heritage Treasure Da Nang

HTD has 109 apartments with 109 designs, 109 secrets which are waiting for you to explore. You can enjoy the moments of love with family and friends in our apartments.

In addition, the area of ​​Bach Dang street in particular and Hai Chau District in general has a great potential for renting apartments thanks to the proximity of schools, hospitals, companies, businesses, etc.; therefore, the customers of Heritage Treasure Da Nang can totally trust the profitable investment in this project.

Một số thiết kế của căn hộ HTD


Simplicity, elegance and comfort make the atmosphere at Heritage Treasure Da Nang’s Norway apartment.

Trường Sơn

Nostalgic elements from the past are incorporated into the design of Truong Son apartment at Heritage Treasure Da Nang.



The heart of New York is kept within the Manhattan apartment at Heritage Treasure Da Nang.

Đà Nẵng

The magnificent ocean packed into the Da Nang apartment at Heritage Treasure Da Nang.

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